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Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits

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Section 8(b) of the Illinois workers' compensation act governs the payment of temporary total disability benefits. Known as TTD, this benefit is designed to temporarily compensate the injured worker during the duration 他或她的残疾.

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TTD benefits are paid at 66 2/3 percent of the injured workers 每周平均工资 for the 前52周 leading up to the injury excluding bonus 或加班. 加班 is included in the 每周平均工资 if 加班 was part of the injured workers regular hours of employment or if the injured worker worked a set number of 加班 hours each week for the 前52周.

看到我们的 加班 page for a further discussion on the issue of 加班 as it pertains to the injured worker’s 每周平均工资.

Additional TTD workers' compensation benefits include:

  • TTD benefits are payable if the injured worker is authorized off work or is placed on modified work duties and the employer cannot accommodate 的限制.
  • TTD begins if the injured worker is off work two straight weeks and is payable starting with the first full day the injured worker is authorized off work.
  • TTD can be paid in weekly or biweekly intervals depending on how the injured worker was paid from the employer.

If the injured worker is off work for less than two straight weeks, TTD is payable from day four to the day preceding the injured workers return 工作. Under this situation the insurance company or employer is given a three day grace period and does not owe TTD for days one through three.

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